Our services also include form pressing of aluminium, welding and heat treating. All of this is brought to you by our solid experience.

5-akselinen suurnopeustyosto | Noreca Oy

5-axis CNC high speed milling

We produce demanding 3D-products with our 5-axis CNC capabilities. Our modern and precise CNC mills combined with our skilled professionals assure the quality Noreca is known for.

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Alumiininmhitsaus | Noreca Oy

Welding and assembly

We are able to offer demanding aluminum structures and assemblies, welded with either MIG- or TIG- processes.

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Alumiinin lämpökäsittely | Noreca

Heat treatment

Our solid experience heat treating aluminium enables altering the material properties from a malleable state to a more durable and stronger state.

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Muotopuristus | Noreca Oy

Form pressing

Form pressing of aluminum, designing press tools and manufacturing has been part of our core competence for years.

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